It’s About Texas

In 2000, I got to experience my first craft beer. It was from Saint Arnold Brewing Co. in Houston and it was called Fancy Lawnmower beer. I remember thinking “This is a strange name and why don’t they just call it Saint Arnold Light?” Regardless of my ignorance I really enjoyed my first kolsch and have not looked back. Nowadays, I enjoy all styles and the occasional saison(I’m sure I’ll come around someday).

The year that I enjoyed that great kolsch, Saint Arnold had been around for 6 years and had started a craft beer revolution that has seen the number of breweries grow to more than 150 breweries in Texas. My desire is to visit as many of these breweries as possible to document and share the wonderful things they are doing.

So whether you are a craft beer newcomer or a seasoned IPA warrior I welcome you to share in this journey through the delicious Texas craft beer scene!