A Birth at Galveston Island Brewing

by | Apr 8, 2018

(B.O.I.) 3 initials you will see on every can or bottle from Galveston Island Brewing (G.I.B)  based in, you guessed it, Galveston, TX. Galveston Island Brewing is the island’s largest craft brewery, opened in 2014. Owner Mark Dell’Osso and his team are making some fantastic beers and are building a cult-like following.

Driving the Coast

The journey to the island is a pleasant drive on Interstate 45, once you leave the hustle and bustle of Houston. You could also take the Bolivar ferry from the Bolivar peninsula and spot a few dolphins along for the ride. After driving a few miles with the historic Galveston Island Seawall as your soothing vista you will arrive at Galveston Island Brewing .

Like Visiting Family

G.I.B. is a brewery that I frequent whenever work brings me to the island and it’s what I look forward to every time I’m there. The staff is always friendly and I love seeing the impact the brewery has had in the community. Every visit I’ve seen a full taproom full of beer fans and friends of the brewery. It’s almost like everyone there is family.

It’s outdoor area is another great feature with picnic tables, a stage, a kids area and plenty of room for your four legged friends to play as well.

Top Notch Brews

As far as beers go, I don’t think you can go wrong as their entire lineup has something for everyone. Tiki Wheat is the flagship and  is one of the best easy drinkers in the state. A wheat beer with hints of coriander and honey, it’s one that can be enjoyed year round. Other favorites include Citra Mellow Pale Ale, Causeway Kolsch, and Excelsior! IPA.

At the 2017 Great American Beer Festival in Denver (GABF), G.I.B brought home a bronze medal, their first, for Blue Bridge Amber. It’s a well balanced hoppy amber with caramel notes and subtle citrus flavors from the hops. The win was an unexpected surprise for the brewery and the team almost missed the chance to receive their medals on the GABF stage.

Future Outlook

The future at Galveston Island Brewing looks to be bright as there have been discussions to ramp up production. This type of news could be huge considering the great brews being produced here.

A recent new beer is their Flip Flop Lager, which if you’re into easy drinking lagers like me, it’s a home run! A traditional German lager dry hopped with American Simcoe hops. The dry hop adds a perfect citrus flavor that leaves your palette refreshed and wanting more of this summer seasonal.

My favorite thing about this brewery is the culture. The island has a way of affecting people’s outlook on life and it permeates the culture at the brewery. Which is why the term Born On Island (B.O.I.) is so meaningful and is a point of pride for all islanders but maybe even more so at Galveston Island Brewing.


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