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Episode 20: Vallensons' Family Tradition

Episode 20: Vallensons’ Family Tradition

Aug 21, 2021

This week we took a short jaunt to Pearland to visit with Valle and Brian, the head brewer/owner and brewer of Vallenson’s Brewing Company. Valle shared with us stories of his background and initiation into brewing amazing beer. We learned the origin of the name Vallensons’ and how involved his family is at the brewery. Including one son who is making soda that has become very popular! 

Valle and Brian’s attention to detail and creativity are evident in the beers they brew. They focus on quality, the importance of water chemistry, and listening to their customers. Valle has been brewing for 25 years and the first beer he brewed as a homebrewer was his oatmeal stout. That beer became Settlers’ Oatmeal Stout, which was awarded a gold medal at GABF 2020! 

 Thank you, Valle and Brian, for making us feel welcome and for sharing your delicious Nobi wings and dumplings and your delicious beers. 

 Shout out to Lazarus Brewing Company in Austin, who came up in conversation about places you must visit on a road trip. We featured Lazarus in our blog post, Four Must Stop Breweries in Austin

 You can visit Vallensons’ Thursday through Sunday. Hang out in their beautiful taproom or their spacious outdoor area. They will make you feel like family! 

 Thank you for listening! Cheers!


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