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Texas Beer Experience
Episode 25: Squats and Hops with Garson Skelton

Episode 25: Squats and Hops with Garson Skelton

Oct 20, 2021

This week we were back at The Cove with Garson Skelton, owner of Squats and Hops. His motto is “Train smart, drink crafty,” and he says it’s all about balance. Garson has been a Strength Coach for over a decade, and he offers several different training programs with great beer-related names, such as the “Homebrew” and the “Rotating Tap.” Whatever level you’re at, he has something for everyone. To enroll in one of the programs, visit squatsandhops.com. Tell him you listened to this podcast, and you’ll get 30% off your first month along with stickers from Texas Beer Experience and 10% off our merchandise.

You can find Garson and more info on his training programs at the following links:

Website: squatsandhops.com

Instagram: squats_and_hops

Twitter: squats_and_hops

Facebook: squatsandhops1

A big thank you to Garson for sitting down with us and to The Cove for the delicious beers and wonderful atmosphere!